Learning how to teach what I never was taught (…well)

p1140227   I bought a $1.99 Ikea clock, created some clock templates, disassembled the clock and placed one in, and reassembled. No, I did not expect my 3 year old to read a clock. I simply wanted her to be aware of the clock and learn her numbers 1-10 (1-12). Also, it introduced the concept of the color wheel, primary colors and secondary colors. I would ask her to take her red crayon and match it to the clock and let her know she found the 12. Now, when she asked when Poppy would be home, I explained where the short and long hands would be.

Clearly, I was a bit zealous in creating these clocks. Our nursing relationship had just ended and suddenly I could no longer sleep! At least we made it 3 years.


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