Learning how to teach what I never was taught (…well)

Chores Earning Chart

Even a year later after initially creating the Chores Earnings Chart, I still struggle with is this the right thing to do. Why should I pay my child to do what she is suppose to do? Then, on the other hand, she should be rewarded for helping. What better way is there to learn the base 10 concept than with money? So, I made her a Felt Money Holder that has 100 individual pockets. As she earns her pennies, she puts them in the pockets. When she gets to 100, we go to the Dollar Store so that she may but a toy. This activity is good in many ways.

It teaches her that items have value.
They cost money which is hard earned.
Instant Gratification is for babies.
100 is a big number!
And, she appreciates, for a moment, the item that she worked for and got to pick out unhindered.
Lastly, the house does not clean itself.

chores-earning-chart-copy p1180556


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