Learning how to teach what I never was taught (…well)

Learning numbers to 1000 –
Well introducing the concept of larger quantities anywayP1230163

My little one may only be 5 but she insisted that we get a 1000 piece puzzle!
So, I obliged. I assembled. I flipped. I wrote the numbers. I sorted them by 10s.
No, she did not put the entire puzzle together. She did make to the 400s over a period of 2 weeks before her patience ran out.  Nevertheless, after this, her 2 digit number recognition is nearly perfect.


Comments on: "Learning the Big Numbers with a 1000 Piece Puzzle" (2)

  1. where did you get your just right size foam cubes


    • I am unclear what you are asking about in regards to foam cubes. If you are meaning the 1 Inch foam cubes, they come in 102 a pack from Learning Resources. If you are referencing the recently created games, I used sheets of craft foam that I cut to size.


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