Learning how to teach what I never was taught (…well)

Who am I?

I am a stay at home mom lucky enough to be homeschooled by my children.  We do not fit the typical stereotype of a homeschooling family. I am an atheist and my husband is only religious at weddings at funerals.

What cannot be seen in this blog is how much time is NOT spent learning but playing! Most of our “schoolbook” learning is done through play. I try to keep it subliminal and enjoyable. Some parts are child-led and others are parent-guided. She clearly drives the car as a teacher cannot teach if the student does not want to learn. Our home is usually full with children that I either care for or are just visiting. “School” learning has to be flexible for us. Human connections are much more valuable.

I love making homemade manipulatives to support our “classroom.”  And, since the manipulatives exist, I want to share them with you. Who knows, someone out there just might use them. They are always free however, they do come with my message to leave babies whole and intact.

We have a relaxed approach to homeschooling. To be truthful, most of our learning happens in the 30 minutes before bedtime. We read books, do mental math problems and talk about our day.

Curriculum? The only curriculum I have, which is only opened once every 6 months, is Math on the Level. We use our homemade Math Lego Duplos and Homemade Montessori Beads several times a week. For leveled readers and decodable books, I acquired them using creative means for free. They are similar to what are found on ReadingA-Z and in the Storytown by HarCourt School. Science is real world such as raising tadpoles and going to nature classes. Geography is done with Montessori inspired homemade materials. Writing Practice is keeping a journal.  We are a dual language household. We do intend to start a foreign language, Spanish, soon.

As you can see, I am a baby advocate. I wish that all children be protected from involuntary and unnecessary body modification whether it be circumcision, ear piercings, tattoos, and so on. We are a peaceful parenting family. Drmomma.org is a great resource for learning about attachment parenting.

Lastly, I am creating this blog with the past 3 years worth of activity. Be patient as I clean up the misspellings and horrible grammar!

The Unholy Heathen




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  1. I ran into your website by searching for color coded music note songs. I am amazed at your ideas. I have a special need child and he has learning disability. Thank you for sharing.


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