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DIY Montessori Globe – Nearly Free!


My homemade DIY Montessori globe. I got a globe for free, bought acryilic paint for nearly nothing as it was on sale, and a can of high gloss spray. If you attempt to do this yourself be sure to paint the continents first and the bodies of water last. Also, be sure to get paint brushes specifically for acrylic paint. It took 3 coats of paint and 2 coats of gloss. We have used this quite a bit. And, it directly correlates to the felt wall map. Thank you to Making Montessori Ours for the inspiration.


DIY No-Sew Montessori Felt Continent Wall Map


Many thanks are owed to Imagine Our Life for the templates to create the wall map. This map is the perfect compliment to our Montessori Globe. To get the laser cut look using craft felt, follow the instructions below. For the globe, I simply used one sheet of felt without the extra layer nor the cardstock.

1) Print the patterns in mirror image (reverse) on cardstock

2) Using spray adhesive, adhere 2 sheets of craft felt together.

3) Using Spray Adhesive, glue the patterns onto their appropriate color

4) Allow to dry then cut out

5) Using Spray Adhesive, spray the brown continents and apply to the globe

We already had tons of Safari Toobs toys on hand. This no-sew felt Montessori wall map is a perfect addition to our school room.