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DIY Popsicle Stick Puzzles

Popsicle Stick Puzzle - Homemade / DIY

These homemade popsicle stick puzzles were a lot of fun for my daughter when she was 2 and 3. They were easy to make and just challenging enough. On the backside, I wrote the numbers 1,2,3 on each piece. When the puzzle was finished, I would flip it over and count how many pieces it took.

Choose a Picture
Line up your popsicle sticks, be sure they are side by side
Apply Mod Podge to sticks
Apply Picture
Apply Mod Podge to top of picture
Allow to Dry
Use an Exacto Knife and slice between the pictures.


Relief Print Art with Styrofoam or Craft Foam


Relief prints were a fun art project and are still being used. We tried using styrofoam and craft foam to make our printing plates. (Thanks to Art for Small Hands for the inspiration). I preferred the craft foam.

Using a pencil, simply draw your image onto the medium of your choice.
Apply tempera paints to the surface.
Then, lay out the sheet of paper onto the table.
Press the printing plate onto the paper.
Normally, people press the paper onto the printing plate. For my little one, she did not know where the plate was, thus while pressing the paper would slide everywhere. By applying the painted plate onto the paper, she knew exactly where to press

Turn that Old Crib into a Desk


With about $30 spent on MDF, a few hours, white paint and clear contact paper, I turned the unused drop side crib into a desk. My children have never slept a night alone, at least not involuntarily.

Applying the Duck Brand clear contact paper to  the surface of the desk turns it into a writing surface. Almost everything instantly washes off. So, go ahead, use those crayola markers and draw all over your desk! When it does get old, simply remove and apply a new covering.

Felt “Paper” – Free Printable

 Felt Paper Dolls Free Template



Use Fabric Paint for the glue. Teaches colors as well as hand strength.

p1130362 p1130361


Tangram Alphabet – Free Printable

Tangram Templates Alphabet Numbers Animals Free Printable Download


Print the Tangram Template on cardstock.  Use children’s white glue and adhere to craft foam.  Allow to dry then cut out.  Remove the paper if you so choose.

Homemade Family Memory Game

I love the idea of memory games. However, as always, I added my own personal touch. I took pictures of our family, cropped to their faces, then created evenly sized squares. As usual, I did not want them to be exactly the same. I made one face small and the other face large that included the name of the person. Print the images on cardstock. Laminate with Duck Brand clear contact paper. Using carpet tape, stick to craft foam. Then cut out the squares. There you go, a personalized memory game for your child. This is especially nice when, if you are like us, you have family members that live a state or an ocean away.