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Montessori Inspired DIY Movable Alphabet – Free Printable

 Montessori Movable Alphabet Numbers & Punctuation Free Printable


The nice thing about this alphabet is that the stickers are really thick. Thus, there is a tactile sensation to working with them. The glitter has the same tactile sensation as Montessori sandpaper letters.When we use them, we play a game where we close our eyes and try to guess the letter by feeling it with our fingers. It includes the numbers and punctuation marks!




Sewn Felt Mail Bag and Envelopes


The time had come to begin practicing actual handwriting. So, our first go at it was by writing the names of family on the Felt Envelopes with fabric paint. Playing “Mal Carrier” was a great way to teach her our address too. p1180194

Birthday Gifts Tote Bags


Our initial handwriting practice was making Tote Bags for Christmas Gifts. Simply buy a few blank tote bags, fabric paint and fabric paint markers. It is a great way to teach the basic colors while introducing the alphabet and practicing penmanship.

Learning Letters with Foam Alphabet

These are many of the alphabet foam letter crafts that we did when she was 3. We did not get through the whole alphabet. We did not need to. But, it was fun nevertheless. I look forward to doing all of this again with my new addition.

Alphabet Postcards – Learning Letters and coloring


To begin the process of learning our letters as well as penmanship, I printed alphabet coloring pages from the internet onto cardstock. I printed 4 to a page being sure to follow the USPS postcard measurement requirements. She really enjoyed visiting family and finding her pictures magically on the fridge.

Alphabet & Number Blocks – Free Printable

 Papercraft Cubes ABC Shapes Numbers Colors Emotions Animals


Using Beacon’s Zip Dry Paper Glue, I printed my cubes on cardstock, cut out, scored all the fold lines and assembled. These cubes were excellent for my 3 year old. They were large which made them easy to handle. They were light weight which meant no BooBoos. They teach colors, shades of colors, geometric shapes, emotions, opposites, the alphabet, numbers, and patterns. The animals cubes also teach colors. Sadly, due to copyright issues, the opposites cards are not included in the free template.

I also made some using alphabet flashcards I found on the internet. My child was happy enough with the set in the picture. The pyramid was taller than her! That was all that mattered.

No Sew ABC / 123 Felt Floor Mats – Free Printable

Felt Floor Mat Templates Printable- Shapes Numbers ABC Fraction Circles


(Reduce print size to desirable setting depending on how large you want your letters to be.)

This was another loved game in our home when she was younger. We would lay the ABC floor mats out on the floor. My husband and I would stand on a letter. She would hop scotch through the ABCs to be grabbed up by us, turned upside down, and held so until she said the secret word! The secret word was the letter sound. The number side was never really used.

I printed the items on cardstock and cut out. Traced them onto the Felt then cut out. I used felt glue or tacky glue to adhere.

Felt Floor Mat Templates Printable- Shapes Numbers ABC Fraction Circles

The templates were later reused during our craft foam learning letters crafts phase.