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DIY Homemade My LIttle Pony Memory Game – 4 Levels of Difficulty Built In!

My Little Pony Memory Game Free Printable

This year, it is all about homemade Christmas gifts.  Also, to make high quality presents on the cheap that are flexible and are usable across a wide age range.

memory My Little Pony Free PDF Template Game My Little Pony memory Free Homemade DIY game My Little Pony Memory Game PDF Free Printable


DIy Homemade My Little Pony Guess Who Game – 4 levels of Difficulty!

Guess Who! My Little Pony Level 1 Game Play Guess Who

Free Printable for a DIY Homemade Guess Who Game

I found the original Guess Who to be a bit on the Caucasian side.  So, I made my own very diverse group of characters with My Little Pony!

Free Printable PDF Template Guess Who Game My Little Pony

DIY Homemade Free Printable My LIttle Pony Guess Who Game My Little Pony Guess Who Level 2, Medium The backside of Free Guess Who My Little Pony Cards Printed Free Template PDF My Little Pony Guess Who Game

Free Printable PDF Template Guess Who Game My Little Pony

DIY PVC Pipe Fort Construction Set

PVC Pipe House

I wanted to give a versatile birthday gift that was original, made with love, and inspired imaginative play. With much research, I landed on the 1/2″ PVC pipe construction set idea. It is perfect for indoor fort building during the winter as well as water or sand play in the summer. We have made extra long telephones around the playset. The boys make swords. The girls make wands. One child even made a cube as a walking toy for my little one.

I purchased various pipe fittings and color coded them with a Sharpie Permanent marker. I cut 1/2″ pipe into 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 centimeter increments. The pipe lengths were color coded by length using electrical tape. Eventually, we will use them for learning equivalent fractions. With a handy dandy pipe cutter, a baby asleep in the car seat and my oldest in nature class, I turned the trunk of my mini-van into a toy production workshop. It only took a few days to get enough pieces cut for both my child and the birthday gift.

DIY Montessori Globe – Nearly Free!


My homemade DIY Montessori globe. I got a globe for free, bought acryilic paint for nearly nothing as it was on sale, and a can of high gloss spray. If you attempt to do this yourself be sure to paint the continents first and the bodies of water last. Also, be sure to get paint brushes specifically for acrylic paint. It took 3 coats of paint and 2 coats of gloss. We have used this quite a bit. And, it directly correlates to the felt wall map. Thank you to Making Montessori Ours for the inspiration.

Flower Petal 5 Minute Clock


Hard to believe she is not even in Kindergarten yet and is already telling time to the 5 minute increments. With the use of this $1.99 clock from Ikea, construction paper, and our homemade Montessori Beads, reading time could not get any easier!

Homemade DIY Montessori Beads

Homemade Montessori Beads ToolBox

“Mommy, why is my birthday taking so long?” Well, with the help of my homemade Montessori beads, I can answer that.

“Mommy, how much is a dollar?” (for buying toys with at the dollar store) With my Montessori beads, I can answer that too!

For the fun of it, I went ahead and made enough bead bars to create the Square of Pythagoras.  That was really cool for me to see. I look forward to having the squares and cubes completed.


Many thanks are owed to Moose Huntress, Imagine our Life and Teaching from a Tackle Box / Livable Learning for all their inspiration.

If you are looking to buy the Montessori Beads ready made and at a more affordable price then check out Livable Learning.

For the beads, wire and tools, go to Bolek’s. I chose to use 8MM Round Faceted Beads in Opaque colors except for the 10 chain which is translucent.

Colors and Numbers as represented by Bolek’s Crafts Bead Chart

10 Bead Bar is #23 Sun Gold
9 Bead Bar = #68 Opaque Royal
8 Bead Bar = #56 Opaque Brown
#7 Bead Bar = #73 Opaque White
#6 Bead Bar = #59 Opaque Lilac
#5 Bead Bar = #53 Opaque Baby Blue
#4 Bead Bar = #74 Opaque Yellow
#3 Bead Bar = #64 Opaque Pink
#2 Bead Bar = #57 Opaque Green
#1 Bead Bar = #67 Opaque Red

Instructions and quantities can be found at Moose Huntress. I am also making 9 individual thousand cubes.







DIY Foam Math Cubes (Dice)


With a permanent marker and foam cubes, I created these Foam math dice. They are a very useful resource.  If you notice, unlike regular dice, mine are numbered 0 to 5. We teach math using a Base 10 approach. I also created foam cube math symbols and numbered dice as well.