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DIy Homemade My Little Pony Guess Who Game – 4 levels of Difficulty!

Guess Who! My Little Pony Level 1 Game Play Guess Who

Free Printable for a DIY Homemade Guess Who Game

I found the original Guess Who to be a bit on the Caucasian side.  So, I made my own very diverse group of characters with My Little Pony!

Free Printable PDF Template Guess Who Game My Little Pony

DIY Homemade Free Printable My LIttle Pony Guess Who Game My Little Pony Guess Who Level 2, Medium The backside of Free Guess Who My Little Pony Cards Printed Free Template PDF My Little Pony Guess Who Game

Free Printable PDF Template Guess Who Game My Little Pony


Phonics Speed Game – Free Printable

Phonics Table Game Free Printable teaching Word Families

Phonics Super Small Word Guide Add On



This is the Phonics Word Family speed game made using 1 inch foam cubes and written on with a permanent sharpie marker. The small word cards are in the free download. We have played this a few times so that she may earn money.

I lay out the phonics spiral bound book with a word and then whomever spells their word first gets a penny. Every time she attempts to sound out the word, she gets a penny. If she is successful in sounding it out correctly with minimal assistance, she gets an additional penny.

Phonics Foam Cube Block Guide

DIY Place Value Strips – Free Printable

Place Value Strips – Free Printable Download Template


Another one of my pregnancy nesting projects. This project has recently been used doing the Montessori Presentation of the numbers. We are only in the double digits. It is amazing how helpful the Montessori beads are along with these strips in linking the concrete quantity to the abstract number.


Preschool Color Coded Calendar – Free Printable

Color Coded Calendar Template – Free Printable


Our color coded calendar has been amazing at teaching my child the concepts of days, months and years. When she asks when we are doing something, until recently, I would explain that today is the blue day and we go swimming on the pink day. Her number writing practice at this age is writing the dates into the calendar.

Paint Chip Dry Erase Friendly Calendar

I created this paint chip wall calendar as a visual aide for my child. The background is made from cut paint chip samples from the hardware store. The frame is a simple poster frame for the big box store (plastic, not glass). For extra durability and ease of cleaning, I laminated the outside plastic with Duck brand clear contact paper.  Later, I created a printable calendar with the same colors as the daily planner on the wall calendar. My little one’s ability to understand the days of the week went from nothing to nearly complete understanding within a month.

Paint Chip Calendar - Dry Eraser Friendly


Felt “Paper” – Free Printable

 Felt Paper Dolls Free Template



Use Fabric Paint for the glue. Teaches colors as well as hand strength.

p1130362 p1130361


Tangram Alphabet – Free Printable

Tangram Templates Alphabet Numbers Animals Free Printable Download


Print the Tangram Template on cardstock.  Use children’s white glue and adhere to craft foam.  Allow to dry then cut out.  Remove the paper if you so choose.