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DIY Homemade My LIttle Pony Memory Game – 4 Levels of Difficulty Built In!

My Little Pony Memory Game Free Printable

This year, it is all about homemade Christmas gifts.  Also, to make high quality presents on the cheap that are flexible and are usable across a wide age range.

memory My Little Pony Free PDF Template Game My Little Pony memory Free Homemade DIY game My Little Pony Memory Game PDF Free Printable


Learning the Big Numbers with a 1000 Piece Puzzle

Learning numbers to 1000 –
Well introducing the concept of larger quantities anywayP1230163

My little one may only be 5 but she insisted that we get a 1000 piece puzzle!
So, I obliged. I assembled. I flipped. I wrote the numbers. I sorted them by 10s.
No, she did not put the entire puzzle together. She did make to the 400s over a period of 2 weeks before her patience ran out.  Nevertheless, after this, her 2 digit number recognition is nearly perfect.