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Shape Making with Simple Geometric Patterns! So simple! So Imaginative!

Geometric Tiles


Inspired by the Shape Maker blocks, I created my own simple, geometric tiles! We are having so much with these!20161214_162004

20161213_221845This link contains the instructions on how I make my Craft Foam tiles.


Here is a link to the PDF! Enjoy your free shape making tiles printable!


Alphabet & Number Blocks – Free Printable

 Papercraft Cubes ABC Shapes Numbers Colors Emotions Animals


Using Beacon’s Zip Dry Paper Glue, I printed my cubes on cardstock, cut out, scored all the fold lines and assembled. These cubes were excellent for my 3 year old. They were large which made them easy to handle. They were light weight which meant no BooBoos. They teach colors, shades of colors, geometric shapes, emotions, opposites, the alphabet, numbers, and patterns. The animals cubes also teach colors. Sadly, due to copyright issues, the opposites cards are not included in the free template.

I also made some using alphabet flashcards I found on the internet. My child was happy enough with the set in the picture. The pyramid was taller than her! That was all that mattered.

Numbers 1-20 Memory Game – Free Printable

 1-20 Counting Cards for Memory Game Free Printable


I love creating learning materials that are personalized, creative, and inspire creative thinking. I also enjoy the use of colors. This was one of my first creations intended to be flashcards before I realized how foolish that is for a 3 year old. So, instead, I turned them into a custom number memory game with a twist. The cards do not exactly match however they reflect the accurate quantity. This tool was an easy way to teach colors, shades of colors, animals, geometric shapes and early numbers. It teaches the numbers 1-10 or 1-20 depending on where you little one is in learning their numbers.

Montessori Inspired Sewn Felt Movable Alphabet, Numbers & Shapes – Free Printable

Felt Floor Mat Free Templates and Printables – Shapes Numbers ABC Fraction Circlesp1100547

When my child turned 2, I gave her the ABC’s, numbers, and shapes as a birthday gift. The numbers have jingle bells sewn on so that the quantity is not only visual, but auditory as well. 10 sounds vastly different than 0 or 1 bell. Each letter is a different color. We used to chase her around the house, “Give me back my Mommy A! I want my baby C!” Also, we would ask for them by their phonetic sound as well. There is a poster that corresponds to the shapes. She would point to a shape, I would go grab it, “No, you cannot have my red heart!” I miss those days!

Felt Floor Mat Free Templates and Printables – Shapes Numbers ABC Fraction Circles