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Shape Making with Simple Geometric Patterns! So simple! So Imaginative!

Geometric Tiles


Inspired by the Shape Maker blocks, I created my own simple, geometric tiles! We are having so much with these!20161214_162004

20161213_221845This link contains the instructions on how I make my Craft Foam tiles.


Here is a link to the PDF! Enjoy your free shape making tiles printable!


DIY Homemade My LIttle Pony Memory Game – 4 Levels of Difficulty Built In!

My Little Pony Memory Game Free Printable

This year, it is all about homemade Christmas gifts.  Also, to make high quality presents on the cheap that are flexible and are usable across a wide age range.

memory My Little Pony Free PDF Template Game My Little Pony memory Free Homemade DIY game My Little Pony Memory Game PDF Free Printable

DIy Homemade My Little Pony Guess Who Game – 4 levels of Difficulty!

Guess Who! My Little Pony Level 1 Game Play Guess Who

Free Printable for a DIY Homemade Guess Who Game

I found the original Guess Who to be a bit on the Caucasian side.  So, I made my own very diverse group of characters with My Little Pony!

Free Printable PDF Template Guess Who Game My Little Pony

DIY Homemade Free Printable My LIttle Pony Guess Who Game My Little Pony Guess Who Level 2, Medium The backside of Free Guess Who My Little Pony Cards Printed Free Template PDF My Little Pony Guess Who Game

Free Printable PDF Template Guess Who Game My Little Pony

DIY Foam Math Cubes (Dice)


With a permanent marker and foam cubes, I created these Foam math dice. They are a very useful resource.  If you notice, unlike regular dice, mine are numbered 0 to 5. We teach math using a Base 10 approach. I also created foam cube math symbols and numbered dice as well.

Birthday Gifts Tote Bags


Our initial handwriting practice was making Tote Bags for Christmas Gifts. Simply buy a few blank tote bags, fabric paint and fabric paint markers. It is a great way to teach the basic colors while introducing the alphabet and practicing penmanship.