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DIY Homemade My LIttle Pony Memory Game – 4 Levels of Difficulty Built In!

My Little Pony Memory Game Free Printable

This year, it is all about homemade Christmas gifts.  Also, to make high quality presents on the cheap that are flexible and are usable across a wide age range.

memory My Little Pony Free PDF Template Game My Little Pony memory Free Homemade DIY game My Little Pony Memory Game PDF Free Printable


Numbers 1-20 Memory Game – Free Printable

 1-20 Counting Cards for Memory Game Free Printable


I love creating learning materials that are personalized, creative, and inspire creative thinking. I also enjoy the use of colors. This was one of my first creations intended to be flashcards before I realized how foolish that is for a 3 year old. So, instead, I turned them into a custom number memory game with a twist. The cards do not exactly match however they reflect the accurate quantity. This tool was an easy way to teach colors, shades of colors, animals, geometric shapes and early numbers. It teaches the numbers 1-10 or 1-20 depending on where you little one is in learning their numbers.

Homemade Family Memory Game

I love the idea of memory games. However, as always, I added my own personal touch. I took pictures of our family, cropped to their faces, then created evenly sized squares. As usual, I did not want them to be exactly the same. I made one face small and the other face large that included the name of the person. Print the images on cardstock. Laminate with Duck Brand clear contact paper. Using carpet tape, stick to craft foam. Then cut out the squares. There you go, a personalized memory game for your child. This is especially nice when, if you are like us, you have family members that live a state or an ocean away.