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DIY Magnetic Piano Music Notes / Symbols and Grand Staff

Magnetic DIY Homemade PDF PIano Notes Symbols Grand Staff Printable DIY printable grand staff and notes. DIY cardboard box easel


Using an Ikea Magnet Board that I already had, I created this oversized grand staff and magnetic music symbols. She does not like the “workbook” approach to learning music. She is too busy trying to create her own. So, why not follow her lead!

Of course, as with anything we do, we keep it real. We utilized an old box from the garage to make a makeshift easel which is barely holding up that heavy magnetic board. I suggest buying a magnetic dry erase board or use an old rectangle sheet pan for baking. The pans are usually magnetic too!

Magnetic DIY Homemade PIano Notes Symbols Grand Staff Printable

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Learning the Piano with Lego Duplos and Color Coded Keys

Lego Duplo Music Sheets – Legal Sized Paper – Free Printable Download Template

Color Coded Piano Keyboard Keys

Color Coded Clear Contact PaperColor Coding the Piano Keys to match her Lego Duplos was easy! Using Duck Brand clear contact paper and sharpie markers, I marked up the paper in stripes. Then, I applied another piece of clear contact paper to the top. This prevents direct contact to the permanent ink thus no rubbing or fading. I cut them 3cm long and applied to the keys. I wrote the notes using a dry erase marker.

Lego Duplos Color coded to Piano KeysTo learn that the keyboard goes low to high, left to right, she built a Lego Duplo tower to match the printable. She wrote the notes onto the Lego Duplos using a dry erase marker.

Since she was still showing interest, she color coded a Piano keyboard diagram and circled the notes in matching colors. Lastly, she color coded blank sheet music and wrote their note letters accordingly. The white space was colored using a squiggly line signifying that it should not really have a line there.Keyboard to Sheet Music Association

Lastly, well actually it was the first thing I did, was gave her the color coded sheet music of Happy Birthday. I think it is C-Scale.

This pretty much wraps up my knowledge of playing a piano and sheet music! Luckily, my DH knows how. For now, my little one is happy with her color coded sheet music. She practices each song with one hand then the other. She already wants the “real” sheets, i.e. the music sheets for playing with both hands.